What to Keep in Mind Before Building a Playground


Whether you are building a playground for your community, school, establishment, or even for your own home, you have most likely already researched on the best playground equipment to install for the future users. Although it is essential to choose the right equipment and playthings, one shouldn’t overlook the importance of playground surfacing. This is because a playground’s surface is the ground upon which your patrons will trod and play upon. So the choice you make for the type of surface the playground would have will have a meaningful effect on the safety and overall experience of its users.

There are three major factors in determining the severity of an injury sustained from an accident on the playground: the speed at which the child falls, tumbles, or trips, the distance of the fall, and the type of surface onto which they fell to. Although minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises tend to happen, and even account for the majority of playground injuries, sometimes, more serious harm can befall upon the playground’s patrons. Though you may not be able to control everything that happens in the playground, you can at least greatly decrease the risk for heavy injuries by choosing the right play equipment, and of course, the surfacing under and around the playground.

When building a playground, you have to consider the potential risks and threats to the users’ safety and take all the possible precautionary measures to ensure that you protect your patrons against the devastating effects and consequences of an accident. This means seeing to it that your playground is safe, from the ground up—of course, starting with the very surface upon which it will stand.

There are several kinds of playground surfaces that you can choose from, however, these are categorized into two major types and if you are seeking for playground surfacing in NV, it is important to know which one would best suit the playground you have in mind:

  • Unitary playground surfaces which include poured-in-place playground surfacing and rubber tile surfacing. This type of surface is best suited to playgrounds built upon hard or cement grounds, as the surfacing can just be applied or poured in a particular area.

  • Loose fill playground surfacing, such as engineered wood fiber or rubber mulch. This type of surface is perfect for filling in enclosed areas within playgrounds, usually those, built directly from the natural ground, such as parks.

Choosing the right playground surface would have to depend upon the type of playground you will build, your budget, and the location or area upon which the playground is to be built upon. There is, however, one place you can trust to provide only good quality and safe playground surface installation in NV.

Play Surface Coatings is the premier playground surface installation company in Las Vegas NV. We offer various types of durable playground and water play area surfacing that work to ensure the safety of your patrons.

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