What Playground Surfaces Are Safe for Toddlers to Play On?

As we create playgrounds for children to have fun and learning, we need to know the different health and safety standards to keep the play filled with fun on our grounds. This is to prevent untoward accidents when kids fall to the ground, which is an everyday scenario at daycares, preschools, and even children’s parks.

In this blog, Play Surface Coatings breaks down the different playground surfaces you can use in order to keep toddlers safe while on your playground. These surfaces are:

  • Wet Pour Surfacing

    If you are planning to install a playground surface in your school or a nursery playground, you can opt for wet pour surfacing. This kind of surface is made up of EPDM rubber granules. We mix these onto a specialized binder, screen it, and apply it on the floor to make a smooth layer.

    It comes in a variety of colors and you can even style it. It is safe especially when applied thicker. In doing so, it absorbs the impact of the fall to help minimize injuries.

  • Rubber Playground Mulch

    One of the safest playground surfaces is rubber playground mulch. It is ideal for playground owners who wanted playground surface installation in NV when their playgrounds are located in woodlands that become muddy in wet conditions.

    It keeps the natural look of the place while making children safe as they play with timber trails and playground equipment. The rubber mulch bonds with the play bark which then offers absorbing properties that reduce the impact should a fall occur.

    This playground surface type does not need that much maintenance. It is basically loose rubberized clippings that are put together by a resin.

  • Artificial Grass Play Area

    One of the most interesting play areas children love to play on is on an artificial grass playground surface. It makes the playground look more natural like the case of the rubber playground mulch.

    You can even have an option of installing synthetic turfs and adding shock pads on your nursery PLAYGROUND surfacing in NV. It is great in enriching the imagination of the little toddlers. Plus, it makes play safer with its impact-absorbing surface.

    Not only is it good to play on but can also be ideal for storytelling time. Wouldn’t it be beautiful when we have the toddlers sit on the artificial grass play area while we read a story to them?

    Another wonder about this type of playground surface is that it comes with various pile heights. It is safer and more hygienic to play in rather than your regular backyard turf.

Which playground surface interests you? If you want to get your playground surface installed, let none other than the premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV do the job for you.

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