Ways to Make Your Outdoor Swimming Pool Kid-Friendly and Safe

Ways to Make Your Outdoor Swimming Pool Kid-Friendly and Safe

Having a swimming pool right at the comforts of your own home means weekends and holidays will never be boring. With the help of a premier playground surface installation company in Las Vegas NV, you can also make your swimming pool area safer.

  • Install slip-proof flooring material.

    Slip and trip accidents commonly occur near the swimming pool area. But you can prevent these from happening by installing a slip-proof playground surfacing in NV.

  • Set up ladders, railings and grab bars.

    Make sure that kids will have something to hold while swimming. Install pool rails just below the water level and have ladders at different sides of the pool.

  • Secure the area with a fence or install a pool cover.

    Make the pool area available only if adults are in the house. Kids could be too rowdy, and they could put themselves at risk while taking a swim on their own.

  • Have an emergency kit handy.

    Aside from installing slip-proof EPDM playground surfacing in Las Vegas, Nevada, have an emergency kit handy. Emergencies can happen anytime, and it matters to be prepared.

  • Install alarms and surveillance devices.

    With surveillance devices at the pool area, you’ll know if your kids are swimming alone. It would also be good if you can find and install an alarm that detects pool emergencies.

Yes, having a swimming pool at home means you need to set up more safety measures. But it’s also worth it as you can spend quality time with kids at home. To get all these safety initiatives done, you might like to contact Play Surface Coatings to handle the playground surface installation in NV. And don’t hesitate to call for expert help to ensure quality of work.

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