Types of Safe and Durable Playground Surfacing


When building a playground or play area, your top priority, of course, would be the safety of its future users or patrons. You wouldn’t want any of the children to be hurt and their parents to suffer the devastating consequences of an accident. Making a playground safe, however, does not only entail choosing the right play equipment that is suitable for the target patrons. Moreover, selecting the right surface that will cover the area occupied by the playground can mean the difference between a safe, happy experience for the children, and serious injuries caused by accidents.

When it comes to playground surfacing, trust only the premier playground surface installation company in Las Vegas NV. Play Surface Coatings has been the reliable partner in soft surfacing, splash pad surfacing, and playground surfacing in Southern Nevada since 2007. Because we understand the demands the state’s weather has on soft surfacing, along with the needs of the local market, we provide a variety of surfacing solutions suited for every need, made only from durable yet safe and soft materials:

  • EPDM with an Aromatic Binder

    EPDM rubber, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber, which is a versatile material manufactured to have a good acid and Alkali resistance, is used for our EPDM Aromatic surface. This is the most economical choice for a poured-in-place surfacing and is perfect for playgrounds as it provides a seamless, colorful, soft and accessible play surface. We designed our EPDM Aromatic surface to be made up of 2 layers, which are mixed and applied on-site at various thicknesses to meet safety standards. We offer a wide selection of colors and patterns as well.

  • TPV with an Aromatic Binder

    Safety surfacing in Nevada has never been this reliable, with our TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizates) Aromatic surfacing. This is an upgraded alternative to EPDM and offers greater UV stability and longer-term aging properties. This means that it can withstand high temperatures longer, while still maintaining the colors and brightness of the material’s design.

  • Aqua Flex

    For waterparks and splash playgrounds, Aqua Flex is the state-of-the-art surfacing product that will very well suit these play areas’ conditions. Available as a pour-in-place surfacing for waterparks, splash pads, and commercial pool decks, Aqua Flex is UV light stable and chlorine resistant, making for a safe and durable surface.

  • Flecks®

    The latest and most advanced in soft, safety surfacing, Flecks® withstands fading, UV degradation caused by intense heat and sun rays, and is chlorine resistant. This makes it a perfect surface choice for splash pads, water parks, pool play facilities, and other areas where EPDM and TPV would normally fail.

You can rely on Play Surface Coatings for high-quality and efficient playground surface installation in Las Vegas, Nevada. We help you maintain the safety and convenience of your playground or play area’s patrons. Contact us at 702-433-1362 to know more about the types of surfacing we offer, as well as to know which one works best for you.

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