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Not All Playground Surfaces are Equal

Not all playground surfaces are equal. Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, playgrounds can now be a safer place for children to play with the right surface. Unfortunately, not all is going well. There are still playgrounds who use traditional materials which do little in helping keep little ones safe. Slips and falls … Continue reading

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What Playground Surfaces Are Safe for Toddlers to Play On?

As we create playgrounds for children to have fun and learning, we need to know the different health and safety standards to keep the play filled with fun on our grounds. This is to prevent untoward accidents when kids fall to the ground, which is an everyday scenario at daycares, preschools, and even children’s parks. … Continue reading

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How Do You Get Your Youngsters to Play Outside Rather Than Stick to Their Gadgets?

Playing is an essential part of growing up. Many psychologists would agree that without this experience, a child will never get the full experience of childhood. Also, playing helps little angels enhance their creativity, meet new friends, and value teamwork. Certainly, there are principles in life that can only be acquired and practiced while playing … Continue reading

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Pool Essentials: 6 Things to Bring When Your Children Go Swimming

There is no such thing as being an overly prepared parent. So long as it is for the good of your little ones, you can never afford to be less. When they do something or go to places, you must be at their back cheering them on with 100% effort and more. One of the … Continue reading

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4 Creative Ways You Can Play with Your Playgrounds’ Design

Unknown to many, playgrounds are actually very open to variety and personalization. Aside from the contraptions and quirky gimmicks, the actual ground can be designed creatively. By doing this, children can be more attracted increasing visits and interactions. As a premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV, we at Play Surface Coatings reassure … Continue reading

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