Splash Pads Safety: Tips for Parents

Splash Pads Safety: Tips for Parents

Splash pads are becoming increasingly popular throughout the years. These water playgrounds are typically free to the public and are located in numerous parks and outdoor shopping malls throughout Nevada.

Splash Pads Safety

As with any activity for your children, knowing the risks can help you minimize them. That way, you can enjoy the many benefits it can bring instead.

Play Surface Coatings, an expert source of playground surface installation in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers the following tips to have a fun and safe time at splash pads.

  • Before Going to a Splash Park

    Before going to a splash park, remember to:

    • Research the location online. If an outbreak has occurred in the facility in the past, you will likely find information about it and how the company responded.
    • Ask the facility manager how often they test the water and what methods they use to decontaminate and filter it.
    • Ask about the surfacing of their splash pad and check if it was installed by a premier playground surface installation company in Las Vegas Nevada.
    • Talk to other parents and ask about their experiences in that particular splash park. Were they satisfied with the facilities? Were their children safe?
  • At the Splash Pad

    To keep your children (and other children) safe at the splash pad, take note of the following tips:

    • If your child still requires a diaper, use a watertight swim diaper. If you suspect that they have a dirty diaper, change it immediately.
    • To prevent slipping, burning feet on hot pavement, and/or stepping on sharp objects, let your child wear swim shoes.
    • Remind your children to not drink the water.
    • Don’t forget sun protection.
    • Strictly enforce the no running rule to avoid slips and falls.
    • Take regular breaks for hydration and to use the restroom.
    • Watch out for signs of dehydration or exhaustion, and unsafe behavior.

The Bottom Line

Splash pads are fun, exciting places for children to play in. However, make sure that the splash pad you choose is clean, well-maintained, and that it has a great surface installed by an expert in safety surfacing in Nevada.

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