Reasons Why Children Prefer Their Smartphones

Reasons Why Children Prefer Their Smartphones

Ever wondered why your child prefer to be on their smartphones rather than go outside with their friends? Guess what, you are not the only one asking such question. If you want some answers, Play Surface Coatings got it for you.

Here are the common reasons why our children stick their noses to their phones rather than enjoy the outdoors with their friends:

  • It is conveniently fun.

    One reason why kids like to be online or to stick with their smartphones or tablets is that the fun created by these devices is convenient. You do not have to go outside. You do not have to sweat. You do not have to break your bones. At the end of the day, the goal of having fun is met just by sitting still.
    Nowadays, our kids want to have the least amount of effort for everything. We cannot blame them also because we face the same truth as adults.

  • Parents want to avoid accidents.

    The reason why kids do not want to play outside may also be because of us. Parents, we get it. Parenting is hard and we only want what is the best for our kids. Being in an accident is no fun at all. That is why we prefer to keep them inside.
    It is also a fact that we are fearmongering our children and it is because of the fear that was instilled in them that they would prefer playing virtually than physically.

  • Their friends are also playing with their phones.

    Ever have that feeling when you must not miss out on things your friends are into? This is what the kids feel about their relationship with their friends, as well as their phones.

    There are also mobile games that allow the children to connect and play with their friends. So if their friends are playing it, so should they.

But playing with their phones is not a bad thing, right? You are wrong. Children who are on their phones are more likely to perform less at school. This is because their minds cannot be fully developed by simply looking at artificial images.

Plus, there is no such thing as a holistic development when it comes to playing on smartphones. Children’s olfactory and tactile senses cannot be catered as these devices only have one sleek texture and the same smell.

So what is the better option? The better option is playing outside.

Play Surface Coatings believes that being in a playground can make all kids unleash their creativity. As a Premier Playground Surface Installation Company in Las Vegas NV, we have seen the difference playgrounds made to little children, as well as their relationship with their family and friends.

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