Playground Surface Maintenance

Playground Surface Maintenance in Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City

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Play Ground Maintenance Options
Protect your investment by maintaining your poured in place surface. This will add life and longevity to your surface. Proper maintenance starts with keeping your surface clean and free of debris. Adding preventative maintenance helps protect your play surface against the harmful UV rays, the breakdown to the surface, damage, cracks and holes. Our Premier Playground Surface Installation Company in Las Vegas NV can help you with all your maintenance needs and we also offer a monthly maintenance program.

Top Coat Re-Roll Maintenance
Over time and depending upon the binder agents used for your safety surface, a top coat can add years to your poured in place surface. Once the surface is properly clean and dry, we will apply a top coat of the same binder or better over the existing surface. This will help bring back the color, strengthen the surface and adds more UV protection. This new coat will help prevent some of the granulation (breaking down of the surface) that typically happens when the binders are weakened with age and UV exposure. This helps saves your play surface from costly demo and replacement. This is the easiest and least expensive option to maintaining your play surface.

Skinny Coat for Existing PIP Surfaces
Sometimes, based upon the condition of the surface, we might be able to apply a new “Skinny” system over the older system. This would involve going over the entire surface with the safety buffing’s at approx. 1 inch, then applying the colored top coat over the surface at ½ inch. This new 1.5 inch system will add life to the surface, provide you with a brand new look and feel and even helps increase the fall height ratios.

Fill in Repairs
Sometimes, surfaces might get vandalized or damaged, over time if these issues are not corrected. They open the surface up to tripping hazards, more vandalism and risks to the entire safety system. That’s why, at the first sign of a hole or tear, call us and we can come out and fix these areas. We can cut a fun new shape and add a contrasting color to the repair or match the existing colors. These repairs are a good solution for surfaces that are in good condition and are used alongside a clean and top-coat re-roll which will bring back the colors, the strength and the UV protection to the surface extending the life of your play surface.

Replacing the surface
playground repair As the old saying goes “Nothing Lasts forever”. While proper maintenance and care for your safety surface do prolong its life, sometimes it does require a brand new system to be installed. This involves the complete tear out and replacement of the buffing safety layer and the top coat. We at Play Surface Coatings offer a variety of safety surfacing options to help when a new surface is needed and we always offer a free estimate.

Repair kits
The Play Surface Coatings repair kit comes in a few colors and provides for the DIYer a kit containing rubber, binder and instructions. Each kit would cover an area of approx. 3 square feet.

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