Pool Essentials: 6 Things to Bring When Your Children Go Swimming


There is no such thing as being an overly prepared parent. So long as it is for the good of your little ones, you can never afford to be less. When they do something or go to places, you must be at their back cheering them on with 100% effort and more.

One of the things that get children excited the most is going to the pool. Yes, the artificial body of water is indeed a fun and bright place to be, but it is not without any danger. To keep them on the safe side, you have to bring some necessary items. Here are a few that should find their way into your bag:

The sun can be unforgiving. And since your junior rascals will be in the pool for the entire day, their frail skin will be exposed to heat and radiation. Bringing sunblock with a good SPF count will not only maintain their tender skin but it will also help in protecting them from developing skin complications later on.

    • Goggles

For kids, going to pools always includes diving underwater. And for that, they will need eye protection. Pool water is rich in chemicals that may be destructive to the human eye when it is exposed to the pool for a long period of time. Train your children to always wear a pair of goggles each time they go for a dip.

    • Floaters

Floaters are perfect for toddlers. Since their locomotor skills are not yet mature enough to let them swim, floaters will do the trick of keeping them safe while in the water.

    • Paddle pads

Paddle pads are more recommended for older children; most likely those who are around elementary school age. This item will help them learn how to flap their legs, which is a very basic skill in swimming. Unlike floaters, paddle pads allow little ones to move around, giving them a similar experience to actual swimming.

    • Refreshments

After a long day of splashing and diving around, children will need rehydration. After all the hard playing and fooling around, they will need to recharge. The fastest way you can help them do so is by giving them their favorite drinks. But just as any doctor would say, water is still the most preferred beverage.

    • Change of clothes

Do not let your kiddos wear the clothes they had on upon going to the pool because chances are that these are already drenched in sweat. Pack an extra pair of clothing that is breezy and cool to the skin.

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