Playground Surface Maintenance: Tips from Experts

Playground Surface Maintenance: Tips from Experts

Playgrounds require consistent maintenance to remain clean, available, and safe for children and families to enjoy. The facility director, playground staff, custodial staff, or volunteers can all be sent to take care of basic playground maintenance. Outside contractors such as Play Surface Coatings may be hired for professional audits, repairs, and playground surfacing in NV.

Playground Surface Maintenance

Caring for all surfaces of your playground will have a positive impact on the overall usability and safety of your facility. To keep them as safe as possible, existing surfaces require thorough care and maintenance throughout the year. As a premier playground surface installation company in Las Vegas NV, we offer the following tips for playground surface maintenance.

  • If your playground’s surface is made of concrete or asphalt, then it requires regular power washing. Also, make sure to check for any broken glass that may be embedded in the ground. Check for any weeds that are poking through as well.
  • Thoroughly evaluate rubber mats for granulation and tears. Look carefully and make sure that no sharp objects are protruding from its surface.
  • Mulch, shredded rubber, and wood chips need to be raked out and topped off semi-annually. Moreover, make sure to carefully check these surfaces for hazardous materials, particularly grass. Make sure that you are maintaining the required height for your wood chips or mulch so that children have a safe surface to play on.
  • Packed earth or grass needs a regular evaluation of soil health. Moreover, you will need to regularly mow these surfaces. During summer and spring, watch out for dangerous weeds and allergen-producing plants. Look for poison oak, poison ivy, and other dangerous plants and ensure that they are removed as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to watch out for insect infestations. Make sure to also get rid of any stinging plants and thorny bushes which could be uncomfortable and even dangerous for children.

The Bottom Line

Proper playground surface maintenance is highly important. Not only can it help significantly reduce the number of children who are injured on your grounds, but it can also help children freely play and express themselves.

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