Not All Playground Surfaces are Equal


Not all playground surfaces are equal. Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, playgrounds can now be a safer place for children to play with the right surface. Unfortunately, not all is going well. There are still playgrounds who use traditional materials which do little in helping keep little ones safe.

Slips and falls are inevitable on the playground. That means protecting children from potential accidents is essential. Playground safety starts with the right surface material.

Surface Materials

Having the right playground surface can significantly lower the risk of kids sustaining injuries during slips and falls. But how do you know which playground surface is safe?

Generally speaking, the surface must be a soft impact absorbing material. One of the most popular specifications Play Surface Coatings use is in its playground surface installation in NV is the TPV Playground Surfacing. Our TPV is made up of 2 layers. Each layer is mixed and applied on-site to meet the required thickness of the critical fall heights of the play equipment around it. It is a resilient surface designed to meet safety standards for playgrounds. Moreover, there are different colors available. Options range from a singular color palette to a multiple color scheme. If you want a more dynamic looking playground surface – go for a burst of colors.

How you choose your playground surface material will also depend on your type of playground and equipment. We are a premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV. If you need any help with choosing the right material, our representatives are happy to walk you through different choices. Allow us to help you choose the right play surface for your specific needs.

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