Important Things to Keep in Mind in Building a Safe Playground for Children

Important Things to Keep in Mind in Building a Safe Playground for Children

Be it a simple backyard swing set, a multi-level structure in an open playing field, or a more complex play area within a pool, safety is the first priority when it comes to building a playground—especially for children. From choosing the play equipment to installing surface coating on the ground area of the playground, you should always remember that accidents can happen any time, so it is best to take the necessary measures to prevent them.

Listed below are important things to include in the safety checklist when building a playground:

  • Install a shock-absorbing surface around the play equipment.

    Protective surfacing should also be installed in at least 6 feet in all directions from the play equipment. This is to ensure that even when a child falls, they wouldn’t get hurt when they hit the ground. When seeking to install playground surfacing in NV, it is important to employ the services of a trusted professional.

  • Never attach any kind of rope or tying material to the play equipment.

    Patrons must also observe strict rules when it comes to tying ropes, jump-ropes, or pet leashes to play equipment. These can be very dangerous for children.

  • Check for protruding materials and sharp edges.

    Play equipment must be thoroughly checked for any protruding materials and sharp edges which can potentially wound and hurt the children. Screws should be tightly bolted and covered, and any sharp edges must be dulled or safely covered.

  • Check for open spaces and crevices.

    Spaces between play equipment and crevices with compromising room space may trap children and get them painfully stuck. These can be in the form of openings in the guardrails or between ladder rungs. It is important to ensure that spaces in the equipment used should be less than 3.5 inches or more than 9 inches.

  • Remove tripping hazards.

    Exposed concrete footings, tree stumps, and rocks can be hazardous as children can trip on them and hurt themselves. Make sure that the playground area is free of tripping hazards.

  • Make use of guardrails.

    Platforms and ramps on play equipment should have guardrails to prevent falls. Even if the playground surface isn’t hard enough to hurt a child if they fall, it is still important to prevent these accidents as much as possible in order to ensure the overall safety of the playground users.

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