Everything You Need to Know About Playground Safety

Everything You Need to Know About Playground Safety

Playground safety basically means making sure the area is safe to play in. This is especially important as it keeps little children safe and decreases their chances of possibly getting into an accident and injuring themselves while playing. Safety issues are absolutely essential to keep in mind when it comes to your child. You need to make sure the playground is in perfect condition before you even consider allowing your precious little angels to play in them.

How can you tell if the playground is safe for your children?

  1. Check the equipment. Equipment that isn’t right for your child’s age can be dangerous for him. Be sure to inspect carefully and check for any pointed edges, broken parts, and any screws or bolts that may rip clothing or cut skin.

  2. Look around the playground. Are there any broken glass, discarded trash, and rusted metal? You don’t want to risk your children coming across these items and possibly injuring or wounding themselves while playing.

  3. Check the spaces between the equipment. There may be spaces wide enough to trap a child’s body parts or clothing. You need to keep watch of these areas as much as possible.

  4. Inspect the playground’s surface. Playground injuries are mostly caused by children falling off the equipment they happen to be playing in onto the ground. It is for this reason that parents should always opt for playgrounds with soft surfaces. As much as possible, avoid concrete, asphalt or dirt surfaces because they may harm your child when they fall.

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