Design Tips for an Instagram-Worthy Outdoor Playground

Design Tips for an Instagram-Worthy Outdoor Playground

Is it possible to turn your simple outdoor area into an Instagram-worthy site for pictorials? Yes, you can make your friends envious about your newly posted picture taken at your front yard! Contact a premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV and ask for help to do one or more of the following design insights:

  • Include play equipment.

    Play isn’t just for kids. You can actually have outdoor fitness equipment for you to workout right in the comfort of your own home. On weekends, wear your best workout outfit, bring out your tripod, and take a pose. Just don’t forget to contact a provider of playground surfacing in NV to keep the surface slip-proof.

  • Have trees and flowering plants.

    Trees and flowers are always photogenic, especially those that show off multi-color foliage for different seasons. Grow flowers for different seasons, such as cornflower for summer, hyacinth for spring, camelia for winter, and dahlia for autumn. Having these different hues for your background can do wonders for your photos. Avail of playground surface installation in NV to keep your outdoor garden navigable regardless of the seasons.

  • Use the right color scheme.

    Refer to the color wheel when choosing the flowers and plants for your garden. Doing this ensures you’ll enjoy a pretty pop of colors for your picture. You can opt for complementary, analogous, or warm colors. Remember, it’s the colors that make a simple scenery stand out.

An outdoor playground and garden is a worthy addition to your home. If you’re fond of pictures or photography, this will serve as your first training ground. Just be sure to make the walkways and pathways around the trees and play equipment slip-proof and safe by availing of playground surface maintenance from Play Surface Coatings.

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