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7 Proofs That Playgrounds Help Develop Happy and Healthy Children

Playgrounds are places where memories are created and friendships are forged. Essentially, it is a happy place. As a premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV, we at Play Surface Coatings had continuously witnessed the undying bliss imprinted on several children’s faces as they traverse the area. Accordingly, claims were made linking happy … Continue reading

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Reasons Why Children Prefer Their Smartphones

Ever wondered why your child prefer to be on their smartphones rather than go outside with their friends? Guess what, you are not the only one asking such question. If you want some answers, Play Surface Coatings got it for you. Here are the common reasons why our children stick their noses to their phones … Continue reading

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Effective Ways to Encourage Children to Play Outside

Are your children always inside the house? Are they always facing their computer screens or smartphones? It may be easy for us, parents, to keep things as they are. But the question is, is it healthy for your young ones to always be cooped up in the house doing nothing but face their screens all … Continue reading

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Point Checklist: 4 Things to Bring Before Going to the Playground

As a parent, one of the most important things you need to remember is to always ensure the safety of your little one more than anything else. Especially when you go out of your home and visit the park together with your children, you must need to take care of their overall well-being. One example … Continue reading

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4 Surprising Facts That Make Pebble Flex Remarkable!

When it comes to Playground Surface Installation in NV, we are the company who is highly recommended by families in town. For years, families in the community of NV has continuously been choosing our products especially the pebble flex. Discover the reasons behind their patronage towards our products below: Chlorine-resistant. Nowadays, there is an increasing … Continue reading

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