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Tips for Maintaining a Playground Surface and its Surroundings

For children, a playground is a place of breaking free and having fun. But sometimes, accidents happen. Some kids also get sick because of touching contaminated surfaces. That is why maintaining the aesthetic value and safety of the playground is important. Maintenance is a complementary need addressed by playground surface installation in Las Vegas, Nevada. … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Playground

A colorful playground can attract children to have fun either by themselves or with their peers. Colors can help children with their active and imaginative sides. If you’re planning to build a playground around your home, your neighborhood, or your school, you should take into account the color scheme of your playground’s surface. As leaders … Continue reading

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How to Successfully Install a Safe Playground at Home

These days, we have companies like Play Surface Coatings, a premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas, Nevada, to help with any playground installation projects we may have. One of the most important aspects of such a project is the surfacing. In most cases, it would be young kids using the rides and equipment … Continue reading

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Installing a Backyard Playground for Your Kids

Parents are protective of their children and they want nothing more than to keep them close in their early years of playing, learning, and having fun. A backyard playground means a ton of benefits both for kids and their parents. Parents are able to keep a close watch on their kids. The risk of your … Continue reading

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Not All Playground Surfaces are Equal

Not all playground surfaces are equal. Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, playgrounds can now be a safer place for children to play with the right surface. Unfortunately, not all is going well. There are still playgrounds who use traditional materials which do little in helping keep little ones safe. Slips and falls … Continue reading

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