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Playground Surfacing and Playtime Safety

Children learn more things and have more fun when they are given the chance to interact and communicate with others. Enforcing positive interaction with peers of their age is something that is given the utmost value in childhood development. One of the best places for this to happen is in a playground where they can … Continue reading

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How to Clean and Sanitize Your Play Areas

Germs everywhere are the primary causes of diseases among children. The risk for cough, colds, hand, foot, and mouth disease, and others may be lurking around the corner. Playground surfaces can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that may enter a child’s body and potentially pass them on to others. And these we … Continue reading

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Splash Pads Safety: Tips for Parents

Splash pads are becoming increasingly popular throughout the years. These water playgrounds are typically free to the public and are located in numerous parks and outdoor shopping malls throughout Nevada. Splash Pads Safety As with any activity for your children, knowing the risks can help you minimize them. That way, you can enjoy the many … Continue reading

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Playground Surface Maintenance: Tips from Experts

Playgrounds require consistent maintenance to remain clean, available, and safe for children and families to enjoy. The facility director, playground staff, custodial staff, or volunteers can all be sent to take care of basic playground maintenance. Outside contractors such as Play Surface Coatings may be hired for professional audits, repairs, and playground surfacing in NV. … Continue reading

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4 Reasons You Should Choose New Playground Surfacing

You might be wondering what a new playground surfacing is. Is it the same kind of concrete or wooden boards that we used back in the day? Maybe, but not exactly either. Simply put, it is a type of safety surfacing in Nevada that is applied to playground surfaces, poolside, and other related areas. What’s … Continue reading

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