Build and Maintain the Beauty

Build and Maintain the Beauty

Like a house, playgrounds need types of equipment to build the best one. A premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV can help you to construct the safest play area. The company offers you a variety of choices to build a safe and colorful playground. In terms of beautification, the company can let you choose 23 colors.

A PLAYGROUND surfacing in NV offers a safer and more advanced soft surfacing choice for your playground. Here are the options:

  • EPDM.

    Our EPDM-Aromatic meets the guidelines and standards of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). You can find a variety of EPDM-Aromatic that is a great economical alternative for Poured-in Placing Surfacing.

  • TPV.

    The playground surface installation in NV offers you the most upgraded choice to EPDM. Also, the cleaning can execute using a leaf blower. In removing stains and spills, you can use a mild detergent.


    The Flecks System offers UV degradation and chlorine resistant. Making this the best choice for water play, play facilities, spray pads, and pool deck surfacing.


    Pebble Flex can be used for playgrounds, running tracks, recreational areas, and patio surfacing. Meanwhile, AquaFlex can be used for indoor pool decks, residential pool decks, residential splash pads, community splash pads, commercial pool decks, and municipal water parks.


    The company offers the best care for your playground. The company recommends a monthly maintenance project.

Play Surface Coatings gives the best quality of playground surface maintenance. The company will ensure to do the best and fulfill the needs of each client.

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