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Design Tips for an Instagram-Worthy Outdoor Playground

Is it possible to turn your simple outdoor area into an Instagram-worthy site for pictorials? Yes, you can make your friends envious about your newly posted picture taken at your front yard! Contact a premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV and ask for help to do one or more of the following … Continue reading

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Ways to Make Your Outdoor Swimming Pool Kid-Friendly and Safe

Having a swimming pool right at the comforts of your own home means weekends and holidays will never be boring. With the help of a premier playground surface installation company in Las Vegas NV, you can also make your swimming pool area safer. Install slip-proof flooring material. Slip and trip accidents commonly occur near the … Continue reading

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How to Create an Outdoor Area that Kids Will Love

Are you tired of seeing your kids always playing their smartphones? Are you looking forward to seeing them playing outside the house and be physically active and develop social skills? If yes, perhaps it’s time to convert your otherwise boring outdoor area into a place where your kids can play and have fun. And the … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Location for Your Kids’ Play Area

Do you plan on installing a play area in your community? Before you call professionals such as the Premier PLAYGROUND Surface Installation Company in Las Vegas NV, there are certain steps you have to take ahead of time. One of them is considering the location where the play area should be installed. Here are the … Continue reading

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Splash Pads Safety: Tips for Parents

Splash pads are becoming increasingly popular throughout the years. These water playgrounds are typically free to the public and are located in numerous parks and outdoor shopping malls throughout Nevada. Splash Pads Safety As with any activity for your children, knowing the risks can help you minimize them. That way, you can enjoy the many … Continue reading

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