7 Proofs That Playgrounds Help Develop Happy and Healthy Children

7 Proofs That Playgrounds Help Develop Happy and Healthy Children

Playgrounds are places where memories are created and friendships are forged. Essentially, it is a happy place. As a premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV, we at Play Surface Coatings had continuously witnessed the undying bliss imprinted on several children’s faces as they traverse the area.

Accordingly, claims were made linking happy and healthy kids to safe and functional playgrounds. How is this possible? Read the enumeration to be convinced.

  1. Physical exercise.

    Though the little critters are sweating primarily for fun, they are actually exercising as well. In fact, their whole body is involved. From head to toe, their bodies are being fortified. As a result, their muscles and bones’ power and endurance are increased.

  2. Body coordination.

    While in playgrounds, our little rascals just move everywhere, all the time. During these moments, their cognition is functioning rapidly. The brain will be trained to adjust with fast movement controls. When exposed to playgrounds at an earlier age, engaging in sports would be much easier since their mind and body are practiced and synched.

  3. Vitamin D exposure

    As most playgrounds do not usually have encroaching tents, playing during the early hours of the morning will give your little ones the highly needed Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for child growth. It helps young bones and muscles to develop further and repair broken parts. However, to protect their skin from the sun radiation, do not forget to bring sunscreens.

  4. The value of camaraderie.

    Friendship is not something thought at school. While at play, children seek for other kids that likely have the same interests as them. From then, groups will be formed. Along with such, interpersonal relations also blossom.

  5. The importance of sportsmanship.

    While playing games, there are always two parties in the end – the winner and the looser. After several plays, your babies will soon experience both. During losses, the children to feel bad at first. However, with proper guidance, the rascals will soon realize that they should accept who the winners are and admit defeat.

  6. Character development.

    Aside from having interpersonal connections with other kids, your loved ones tend to improve themselves as well. While in the middle of the games, they will discover who they are and what they want to be.

  7. Communication skills.

    Even without you coaching, children learn to communicate with other children especially when playing. They get to become confident in their own capacities. As well, they learn about the other’s reactions. They will learn how to be sensitive.

Though you will never see it in our business card, one of Play Surface Coatings’ primary goals is to make sure that every little kiddo that plays in our constructions will be filled with excitement and happiness without having parents worry for their safety.

For a playground surface installation in NV like no other, we are the team for the job! What do you think about our services? Share your thoughts via Facebook and Twitter.

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