5 Playground Safety Tips

5 Playground Safety Tips

More than a hundred thousand kids get admitted and treated in hospital emergency rooms for playground-related injuries. In most cases, many of the accidents could have been avoided with the right supervision from the parent or guardian. Safeguard your little ones’ well-being while they have fun. Follow these simple safety guidelines:

  1. Proper adult supervision. This is the primary solution to help prevent playground-related injuries from occurring. With the proper supervision of parents, children will use the playground equipment properly and will not engage in unsafe behavior.

  2. Proper education. As they say, knowledge is power. So, if you want your little ones to be safe all the time, you have to teach them how to be safe. Discuss dos and don’ts. That way your children will know how to act responsibly in the playground.

  3. Proper equipment. Children’s capacities vary from one another and so must the design of a playground. Make sure that your children are in a playground fit for their age. Allowing a toddler to play with a design meant for school-age kids will most likely result to mishaps.

  4. Proper maintenance and checkup. Make sure that the playground is a safe place for your kids by checking the environment and equipment for potential hazards. To avoid accidents, it is imperative to ensure that all equipment is well-maintained. There must be no broken, rusty, and crackly equipment.

  5. Proper playground surface. One of the most common accidents faced by a majority of children is when they slip off or fall off from a playground equipment. The right playground surface can soften the blow of impact and prevent serious injuries.

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