4 Ways You Can Keep Your Child Safer at Splash Pads

4 Ways You Can Keep Your Child Safer at Splash Pads

Splash pads create a great ambiance for memories in the summer or for a party. However, while that may be the case, it is still needed for you as the parent to take the extra effort in keeping your little ones safe. But don’t worry! Play Surface Coatings has created a short yet concise list of safety reminders which you should keep in mind the next time you head out to play.

To improve the safety of your child/children at the splash pads, you should always:

  1. Review pool protocol.

    As a premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV, we know how closely parents and guardians watch over their little one’s steps to ensure that protocol is met and safety is achieved.

    After all, you only want to keep your child safe from harm. But, if you find yourself worrying about the safety of your child still (despite the protocols in place), then you should consider connecting the company to us. We will work with them to install safety surfacing with added traction and grit that can save your child from fall hazards.

  2. Gear up properly.

    Splash pads may not be as deep as diving pools, but they still contain their own set of hazards. By letting your child wear the correct swimwear advised by the pool management, you will be able to help prevent them from getting hurt from slipping and swimming accidents.

  3. Check chlorine levels.

    How often do they change the pool water? While chlorine may indeed be a strong chemical, it is a needed additive in order to keep the water clean and sanitary for everyone else who is going to have a swim for the day. This also explains why swimmers are required to scrub clean and get themselves rinsed at the shower area before hopping into the pools as it keeps the water viable for longer.

    Try asking the staff when they usuallya chnge the water or treat it with chlorine. Knowing the exact date and time will allow you and your family to enjoy the splash pads at its most optimal condition.

  4. Inspect the safety of the design.

    Aside from that, you should also check if the splash pad is equipped with the appropriate PLAYGROUND surfacing in NV. With this safety surfacing option installed at the pool area, you and your family should be able to enjoy a fun time together with fewer worries about losing your footing. And let’s be honest. Isn’t safety a great prerequisite for fun? If, in case, your local splash pad doesn’t have this amenity yet, feel free to refer them to us!

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