4 Splash Pad Essentials Every Parent Needs to Know About


Splash pads have been dramatically popping out in different communities. On a hot hazy day, it is a great recreation for both kids and parents who want to cool off.

What is a Splash Pad?

A splash pad, also known as a spray pool, is a recreation area equipped with different nozzles that spray water into the air. It is considered a great alternative to a pool for families who are particular about water safety. Since there is no standing water, there is little risk of drowning and a reduced need for supervision.

However, as with any activity involving water, you need caution. A splash pad may be safer than a pool and other open bodies of water but you still need to practice safety. To help keep your little ones safe, Play Surface Coatings made a list of essentials you need to bring:

  1. Sunscreen 
    Unfortunately, most people only remember to put on sunscreen when the sun is blazing. However, no matter the temperature, make it a habit to apply sunscreen before going to splash pads. This will prevent sunburns from occurring.
  2. Non-slip shoes 
    Although most splash pads playground surfacing in NV is made with non-slip materials, you can never be too safe about it. Not all splash pad surfaces come from a premier playground surface installation company in Las Vegas, NV. To prevent sustaining injuries from slips and falls, make sure to wear non-slip footwear. This will help provide your children with a lot of grip when playing.
  3. First Aid Kit 
    Accidents are inevitable especially when it comes to kids playing. This is why you need to prepare for minor accidents. Always pack a first aid kit with you. This will come in handy when your kid may sustain cuts and scrapes from playing. With a first aid kit, you will be able to provide immediate treatment.
  4. Water Bottle 
    Before going to a splash pad, make sure to educate your children about water safety. Water from the nozzles is not safe for consumption. Your kids must learn not to drink the water from the splash pad. When they feel thirsty, they should only drink from their water bottles.

Make your family safe and fun by keeping these essentials in hand!

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