4 Creative Ways You Can Play with Your Playgrounds’ Design


Unknown to many, playgrounds are actually very open to variety and personalization. Aside from the contraptions and quirky gimmicks, the actual ground can be designed creatively. By doing this, children can be more attracted increasing visits and interactions.

As a premier PLAYGROUND surface installation company in Las Vegas NV, we at Play Surface Coatings reassure you that your imagination is the limit as to what you want to do with your playgrounds and similar surfaces. Upon taking advantage of our modern techniques, you will be able to bring to life any concept that you wanted to embody.

How is this possible? Here are common suggestions:

  1. Color schemes.

    Who said that grounds need to stick with the usual plain colors? Break out of the norm and incorporate several colors at once. Considering that children’s creativity and hyperactivity are triggered by bright colors, it is an often favorite by our previous clients to include hues of yellow, green, and sky-blue.

  2. Character patterns.

    Cartoon characters are always famous for children. Get some favorites that come to mind? Simply send us the design patterns and we will beautifully bring it to life. Depending on your tastes, you can also add symbols, logos, and other graphic representations.

  3. Landscaping.

    When properly attached, natural greens will accentuate your playgrounds. After many years in the service, we have met several clients that specifies that greeneries should not be taken for granted. If you have similar requests, do not hesitate to tell us so.

  4. Floor Leveling.

    Just like swimming pools, playgrounds can be segmented and be divided into several layers. Doing this will add depth and a unique degree of aesthetics to your floorings. Having hollow areas would be perfect for skateboard tricks.

After choosing which design options to follow, Play Surface Coatings will perform its playground surface installation in NV with the following variants:

  1. EPDM.

    This kind of pour surfacing is one economic choice among the three in this enumeration. It offers durable coatings which promise the maintenance of colorful textures. Also, integrating EPDM will maximize the safety factor. It has a sufficient amount of thickness that will help cushion falls and bumps. It is worth to mention that this surface coating is not high maintenance. It is easy to clean as mild detergents can easily wash stains and dirt build-ups away.

  2. TPV.

    Simply put, TPV is the next to the hierarchy of surface coatings. Quality-wise, TPV is the higher quality of EPDM. It shares similar features to EPDM such us the ability to be customized easily and the durability. Instead of just a single layer, TPVs compose of dual layers making it stronger.

  3. FLECKS.

    Out of the surfacing options, FLECKS is considered deluxe. It stands strong against UV radiation. Also, it is chlorine-proof making it an awesome material for swimming pools.

Wondering if your budget can accommodate our customization and the surface coating options? Do not worry. Our representatives are willing to communicate with you and give you good deals!

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